Grand European Tour – Coincidences of the Cross

It was about a year and a half ago that Traveler Nell and I were married in a nuptial mass at my childhood parish of Church of the Holy Spirit in East Greenbush, NY. Above the altar at that church is a very distinctive crucifix, with a very Greek Orthodox feeling.

Below is a more detailed photo from Holy Spirit’s website.

Well, here we are 4,000 miles away staying at Domus Australia in Rome Italy and would you look at the crucifix that is in our room.

I was floored. Turns out this is what is called a San Damiano Cross and it has a great deal of significance to the Franciscans.

As an aside here is a panorama of the Chapel of St. Peter Chanel here in Domus Australia. Traveler Nell’s post will have more detailed photos when it goes up, until then enjoy this and the enhanced version you can see online here.

I hope to have Day 02’s post up tomorrow. I would do it tonight but we have to get up early to go to mass…

At Saint Peter’s Basilica…

In an ordination mass being celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this blog post incorrectly identified the chapel in Domus Australia as St. John Chanel.