Grand European Tour: Day 02 – Ruins, Religion and Restaurants

Our second day in the ancient capital was action packed and activity filled. So after a nice “brekky” at Domus Australia we headed out full of lamingtons and Vegemite.

Walking to the train we came across what appeared to be a sadly delapitated church so we decided to stick our heads in for a quick look see.

What we found was Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri and it is a prime example of not judging a book by its cover because inside we found this…



To appreciate this view see the enhanced link here.

Inside it was at least twice as big as our home parish of Queen of All Saints in Brooklyn. And not to brag, but our church is enormous. Here in Rome it wouldn’t cause anyone to blink.

Having been humbled, rightly so, we headed off to the Colisseum.

Because Traveler Nell is sharp as a tack, we had the Roma Pass which allowed us to bypass the regular line entirely. This literally saved two hours of waiting.

A handsome couple of Christians, thankfully a couple millennia late for the party.

Next on the agenda was Basilica St. John Lateran but that will have to wait as my blogging app is bugging out. No point in making you wait for this portion though.


  • Cleary Family

    Enjoying your travels through out Rome. Must give Jenelle a big hug for planning a well organized holiday. Do you know Bill why Jenelle pre books everything that she can prior because seriously Jenelle does not like long queues. No patience at all.
    Meaning that you both have more valuable time to explore the world.
    Clever Girl, Clever Daughter, Clever WIFE xxxxxx