Grand European Tour: Day 02 – Ruins, Religion and Restaurants PART III

Good news everyone, I have again acquired access to upload photos. So let us resume where we left off.

Below is a candid of Traveler Nell exhibiting her odd fascination with ticket machines.


We headed across town to see the Galleria Borghese.

The bus only took us so far.

Someone lost Patience with Fortitude.

A nice place to sit with you sweetie.

The museum.


I still snuck a couple in anyway.

It was getting late so walking back to Domus we stopped for a bite to eat. The restaurant we planned to dine in was full up so instead we headed to a place down the street.

I had a prefixe meal of spaghetti and a steak.

It was beautiful, with a hint of bacon in the sauce.

The lemon really added to the flavor and created a kind of sauce to be sopped up.

Nell had the caprese and gave me her olives.

And gnocchi of course.

For dessert I had the tiramisu and a shot of espresso.

on the walk to the hotel we came across a rather pathetic junk shop.

In addition to the puzzles there was what appeared to be a dead parakeet.

Day III ends. Tomorrow…mass with a BIG WIG. Maybe the biggest.

  • Cleary Family

    Love the steak meal you ordered followed by your dessert Bill :)

  • Cheese_crackers1

    That parakeet isn’t dead, its resting.