A blast from the past.

Traveler Nell has reached into my past and dragged out a fond recollection. When we first move to Upstate New York from Detroit we lived in a motel while the construction on our house was being finished. That motel was right across the street from a McDonalds.

Early on there was a promotion Where you order a kids meal maybe and you got a seasonal theme melamine plate. I know for certain that back then we had the “Winter” plate and maybe “Autumn” but not a full set.

Until now…


Traveler Nell got me the full set of of eBay. She thought at first I was disappointed but I was actually a little overwhelmed. I was really transported back to the age of 8, wishing I had them all but happy to have the one I did.

Here they are.









Seriously, how stupid is Bic Mac to put handcuffs on a snow Hamburglar?

  • Cheese_crackers1

    I believe that is Mayor McCheese. 

    • Cheese_crackers1

      Retract that earlier statement.  I’d never heard of Officer Big Mac.