Buddy Rich’s Ghost Got a Two Day Pass From Hell

Several times in the past week Traveler Nell and I have been woken up by the radiators at Two Travelers Plaza.  I caught the sounds we heard on a couple occasions.


The Ghost of Buddy Rich II from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

For those who do not know, Buddy Rich was a big band drummer. When I was in fifth or sixth grade he came to our school. (I don’t remember which year exactly, I do know that Doc Sevrinson came the other year. Apparently though, he was a bit of a grump.

So famous a grump in fact that Jerry Seinfeld immortalized it on his show.

  • http://www.jenelle.net/ Jenelle

    This video gives me nightmares! Worst way to wake up with that banging in our ears… arghhhh!!