Back in 2005 and 2007 I “Commissioned” several charcoal drawings from various artists in Central Park.  And while none of them look exactly like me, they do remind me of other celebrities.

Mid-2005: Bald headed and clean shaven…


I’m thinking Detective Lieutenant Theodore “Theo” Kojak.

Theo Kojak

Sept 2006 – Bald, glasses and a goatee…


Lee Arenburg as Kramer’s friend “Mike” in the Parking Space Episode of Seinfeld?

Lee Arenburg in “The Parking Space” episode of Seinfeld

Oct. 2005: Bald and clean shaven, retro glasses and a hat


 Phil Silvers maybe?  A doughy Phil Silvers then?

  • Jenelle

    I think you can tell when I came onto the scene and these bald hairstyles and crazy mustaches ceased to exist!