Hockey Night in Brooklyn

With the long holiday weekend Traveler Nell and I are spending our Saturday doing chores. (“Spring” cleaning in advance our Rome trip and in-law visits from Australia!)

In addition to the laundry I have been organizing our kitchen.


I found myself procrastinating as our spice collection attested.
I’m guessing it was because A) the lockout shortened NHL season hits the ice tonight and the NY Rangers are playing my Boston Bruins. And B) I am eagerly awaiting for my “new” MacBook to finish set-up. Here I have merged the two time sinks.

Here is a quick video taken right after the first goal of the game.

Goaaaaal from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

  • Jenelle

    You definitely get stuff ‘done’. That is the kind of project I would start at 11pm on a work night and then leave it for four weeks. Thank you so much for doing it!