My Secret Santa can beat up your Secret Santa

Every year the good folks at Traveler Bill Industries engage in a Secret Santa gift exchange. This is something I take VERY seriously. How seriously you ask? Most people put a list of three items on a Post-It Note™.

This is my most recent submission after the jump… (Trust me, it is worth it.)

I usually ask for Pixar toys, socks (SmartWool™ of course) and a gift card option to give the poor soul that does draw my name a break if they aren’t as fun loving as I am. That said I have always been lucky.
And this year is no exception. I got both my Avengers Hulk Smash Hands…
AND the LEGO Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey: Riddles For The Ring set.
Here is a quick video of the construction.

Traveler Bill’s The Tibboh from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

I can’t wait for NEXT year!