Not A Paid Endorsement

Over Labor Day 2011 Traveler Nell and I ventures to the family homestead up in the Capital District of New York State. While there we stopped at Colonie Center Mall to return a pair of boots she had purchased online at LL Bean. I ended up getting a pair of shoes I liked so much that I even wrote a review on their website.

Well, these LL Bean Men’s Rugged Comfort Casual Shoe, Oxford, have been my Go-To Shoe for the past 15 months. They have been to Australia where they handled the Bush and Cities equally well. They have been across Europe where they trod upon the cobblestones of Rome, Venice, Paris and London and the sands of Normandy. Finally they have been worn virtually daily in NYC where we do a LOT of walking just to get around. And while the tread was worn perceptibly, it did not reflect the amount of wear these shoes had gotten over their lifetime.

The lining, however, DID look like it had been around the world.

After so many months of constant wear even the descendants of the great Leon Leonwood Bean could not come up with a lining to withstand the “power” of MY feet. And the Rugged Comfort Casual looked a little more like a Ragged Comfort Casualty.

Here is a close-up on the damage I caused.
When we were heading up to the Traveler Bill Family Homestead for Christmas my darling Traveler Nell told me she had planned a “Secret Date Night in Albany.” I was convinced that her plan was heading to Colonie to get a replacement paid of shoes. (It was not, but more on that later.)

In reality the box under out Christmas tree held the future of my feet comfort.
Unfortunately I never got a photo of that box, but here they are on my feet.