Sweet Rome, Italia: Seconda parte.

Last year Traveler Nell and I visited Europe starting in Rome. Before we had even left Lazio we had agreed that we had to return someday to the Eternal City. And so we are…only ten months later. Leading up to our return trip I am posting some of the things I love about Rome.

Numero Due: Cucina Romana!

Before we left for Rome our parish priest, Fr. Joe assured us “there are no bad restaurants in Rome.” Now that is something I’ve heard before, occasionally before a rotten meal. But Fr. Joe knew what he was talking about. Every place we at was simply delicious. Now granted, we were only there four full days, but the city batted 1.000 as far as we experienced.

From a casual pizzeria across from Archbasilica Papale do San Giovanni in Laterano that sold pizza by the kilo…


Or a fancier restaurant renown for its carbonara.


Even the train station had decent pizza and arancini.