Traveler Bill Test Kitchen: Skillet Cookie

My sweetie Traveler Nell and I love to cook, and we also love quirky kitchen items and kitschy foods. All these things came together with the Skillet Cookie! I can’t even remember where we got this thing it was in our cabinet so long.
(Update: In searching for the instructions online I found that it is offered at Walmart.)
(Update 2: At 6:20 Traveler Nell remembered this was actually a gift from her Auntie Joan of Easton, PA)

I made dinner recently and decided to surprise her with this looooooong overdue treat. The package came with a cast iron skillet (and instructions to “season” your pan); a bag of sugar, flour, (probably salt) and chemical leaveners and a small sachet of “chocolate” chips. To this I added an insane amount of butter, an egg and vanilla. Beat all that together and heat at 375°F.

Cookie in a Skillet from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

It wasn’t terrible though I would have preferred one of Traveler Nell’s chocolate chip cookies be in the pan. It should have stayed in another minute or three, and a scoop of ice cream would have gone a long way toward improving it overall.

  • Cleary Family

    I could smell it cooking through the i mac :)