I Have Good News (and Bittersweet News) -or- How I Became A Dad

There is one place I never thought Traveler Bill would ever go. That place is Parenthood.

First, lets take a step back. I set up this page on June 20th as a place where I could document (probably in fits and starts if my history is anything) our baby’s progress and achievements. I never thought I would be a father, a dad, but here we are, in my 44th year and I’m looking forward to my first child being born.

What a difference a month makes.

I joined Jenelle for the 12 week ultrasound at Weill Cornell Medical Center on Monday the 29th of July. We were finally looking to broadcast our news. I actually had gotten into trouble on Sunday because I had posted a link to some “Be A Better Dad” site on Facebook. Jenelle had me delete it as she still hadn’t told a bunch of people in Australia. Thank goodness she had.

Jenelle didn’t see anything strange with the ultrasound. The heart was visible and beating like a champ, I thought I saw something odd with the head but what do I know. The tech excused herself and came back with a doctor…and bad news.

Our child has a Neural Tube Defect, and just about the worst kind. It seems that the top of her skull never developed and most of the brain just isn’t there. Children like this are born with a terminal condition called Anencephaly. (I’m not linking to the main Wikipedia page for Anencephaly because it has an unnecessarily gruesome photo. You probably have a computer, you can look it up if you want. I’d rather link to the “Carrying To Term” page which is an uplifting story of a woman who gave birth to a child with this disorder.)

The doctor the tech brought in sent us to Jenelle’s OB, the terrific Dr. Genc to discuss our options. Which wasn’t necessary because Jenelle’s choice was to carry this child to term. Understandably the doctor gently advocated a different course of action, but he wasn’t changing Jenelle’s mind and assured us he was here to support us no matter what. I’m going to suggest you check out Jenelle’s Blog for a better description of the past couple days. In it you will learn details on our baby, Josephine Martha Blevins.

The rest has been a blur. But I can say this: Aside from the clod doctor at the ultrasound, everyone has been supportive and amazing. Jenelle and I are touched by the reactions we have gotten from family, friends, colleagues and medical personnel.

Suffice to say I would like to finish up by asking for you to keep our darling Joey in your thoughts, prayers and hearts.

  • Martha

    Dear Bill, Jenelle and baby Josephine Martha,
    How blessed she is to have parents like you. We love you and pray for you-call us anytime if you need to.
    Love, Martha, Robert and Sandro xo