Joey’s List: A Lifetime of Experiences Before Birth

Since we are expecting to have mere moments with our Joey, Jenelle and I have decided to try and provide her with as many of our favorite foods and experiences as we can. The only difference now is that instead of the lifetime we though we’d have to share them as a family, they will be carried out prenatally.

So far we have a list of 56 foods and experiences and have completed 17. Granted a couple of these were deemed as completed retroactively. There simply was no way for us to know that when we headed to Pittsfield this year for the 4th of July parade, or when we went to Waterford for the fireworks, that these would be Joey’s one and only. Unfortunately this means that there are some events that she will simply miss; like watching the Winter Olympics or attending the awesome and solemn ANZAC Day Dawn Services.

Below is a list of the foods and experiences we have completed so far.

Egg and Bacon Sandwich – A breakfast specialty of Joey’s Nanna Sandra.
Hot Milo and Vegemite on toast – A favorite of Joey’s mumma.
Joey’s Auntie Eileen made her a special Cake
Box Orange Cake – a favorite of Joey’s mum.
Chop Suey a la Australian
4th of July Fireworks Waterford, NY
4th of July Parade Pittsfield, MA
We attended a Paul Kelly Concert – Australia’s Greatest Living Songwriter
Joey saw Collingwood thrash Essendon

Beef Milano – Made by her Nanna during her visit over Easter.
Cornish Pasty – Inexpertly made by Joey’s poppa.
Home-made bread – Expertly made by her poppa
Tabouli – A specialty of her mumma
Yorkshire Pudding – A specialty of her Nanny
Beetroot, Cheese Vegemite on Saos – A curious delicacy of her mumma
Oops (Aussie Spaghetti O’s)

Over the course of the coming weeks and months we’ll be completing more of the list and undoubtedly adding to it as well.  ( I actually added two items while I composed this post.)

I’m hoping this helps me deal with what is happening to our Joey.