Day 01: Great American Road Trip.

Drove through: New York/Connecticut/New York

Today is the day we officially embark upon our Great American Roaf Trip™, or as we have been “Hashtagging” it, #GART16. 

The day started out with the final clean up of Two Traveler Plaza.  Our home since 2010, we were ready to say goodbye to the elephant trainers above us and the people who burned garbage below us, and while we will miss many of the people in our old neighborhood, not one of the countless insufferable hipsters is among them.  

Heading east we started out with a visit to Farmingdale on Long Island to visit the grave of our daughter Josephine.  
  El Jefe taking a completely candid photo with an assist from Pop.

After our rituals were completed we drove to my ancestral home in New York’s Capital District.  Though our plans to visit Nanny & Grampy were scuttled when the boy released his lunch via projectile vomit all over him and his car seat.  A detour to the wonderful Fairfield Inn East Greenbush was required. 

The next few days we’ll be keeping quiet as we visit friends and family.  


  • Distance Today: 225.4 mi/362.7 km 
  • Total Distance: 235.2 mi/378.5 km 
  • Driving Time: 5:34 Today – 6:07 Total