Day 02: Friends and Family

New York

As expected today was a light driving day.  El Jefe spent lots of time with my parents doting on him while Traveler Nell and I attended to some errands.  Traveler Ma also found an old picture of me in the Ma-rchives.


sailors say
Young Traveler Bill Chronicles: The Mystery of a Ghost Sea Chanty


Side Note: One unanticipated, but wonderful result of moving to Australia is that after over 20 years I am released from the shackles of Time Warner Cable. When we called to cancel our Brooklyn service the phone rep assured us that we could bring our equipment to any service center and they could close our account there.  Turns out that is wrong.  We sorted everything out but it was annoying.
Later on we dropped into a dear friends parents to say goodbye.  We have some other people we are going to try and see tomorrow or Saturday.

Then it was off to dinner at our niece Emily’s home. El Jefe got to play with his slightly younger cousin “Anakin” and their dogs.

All in all a good day.

Road Trip Tally

  • Distance Today: 63.2 mi/101.7 km
  • Total Distance: 298.4 mi/480.2 km
  • Driving Time: 2:26 today/8:33 total