We’re Moving to the Country. (Peaches not inluded)

Another NYC Resident Looking to Relocate to Australia
In sixteen days Traveler Nell, El Jefe and I will be moving.  Not to another apartment in Brooklyn.  Not to another borough, or anywhere in the Greater New York Metropolitan area.  No, we are moving to Australia.

To live in the country…

On a farm.  Seriously on a farm.  When I was a little boy my family lived on a farm outside of Toledo, Ohio, so in a sense this is just closing a loop in my life.  But that farm raised a couple of show ponies and feed corn.  The only things we’re growing at Riverbend are chickens for the eggs, Sheep and Alpacas for ornamentation, and we’ll be planting a generous Victory Garden.

But for the next 16 days or so we’ll be short timers in NY.  After which we will be taking six weeks to drive across country before we fly out of LAX in the second week of May.  Check back to this page to see updates from our Journey.