The Great American Road Trip

When Traveler Nell and I decided to move to Australia, it occurred to us that we should take advantage of this opportunity and take a trip in the interstitial period from leaving New York and landing in Australia.

Our first idea was to fly to Europe, see places we been meaning to visit (Bavaria) as well as some of our favorite locations (Rome!) then break up the balance of the trip with a night or two in Dubai.  It was the vagaries of one way international air travel that effectively placed the proverbial kibosh upon that idea.  At the time Traveler Nell was the only one with secured employment for after the move and it made no point in expending a material portion of our the annual wages for this trip.


GART16 Scheduled Route
It was then decided to investigate the possibility of taking a cross-country drive concluding in Los Angeles where we would embark our airplane to Melbourne.

In the intervening months the daily specifics have evolved but the above map accurately portrays the route we are taking.  I’ve the next couple of weeks it is our plan to post our exploits here and at Traveler Nell’s website.