Day 03 – Steaks and Commercial Shoots

New York 

Today was another day spent with friends and family around the Ancestral Homeland of Traveler Bill.

Lunch was with my parents and eldest sister Annie at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Jefe waiting patiently for his Grandparents

Afterward we stopped by the gravesite of a dear friend, then we dropped by the parents of another long time buddy to say goodbye before some more quality time with Jefe’s grandparents.

Then I was feted at a fine line local establishment, 677 Prime Steakhouse. This video says all you need to know about the ambiance.

Day 03 from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Piano Bar music aside, the food was as delicious as it was well presented.  (This steak came without the horseradish sauce and side dishes mucking up the display.)

All throughout our time there cameras were traveling all throughout our meal.  One of our members, Thunderclap, asked what was being filmed.  Our waiter Layla advised in a stage whisper obviously intended to impart its importance “A Commercial!”  At which point the incorrigible Thunderclap removed his jacket to reveal arm garters.

Thunderclap probably plotting something devious
The Author, Buzz H., Cheese Crackers, and F. William.

Road Trip Tally

  • Distance Today: 38.6 mi/62.1 km
  • Total Distance: 337.1 mi/542.5 km
  • Driving Time: Today-1:25 Total-9:58