Day 04: Haircuts and Goodbyes

New York 

Today was a bittersweet day with family and friends. We started the day get El Jefe and myself a haircut.  Our little buddy acquitted himself admirably in the barbers chair.  Don at Patsy’s Barber Shop did a wonderful job on both of us.  

Then we dropped by casa de Cheese Crackers to visit his wife, daughter, and him.  They are both El Jefe and Joey’s God-parents and they have a lovely baby girl.  It was nice to see them play and very sad when we had to leave.  

We went to Mass at Holy Spirit Church in East Greenbush where we were married five and a half years ago.  Jefe sat with his Nanny and behaved like a champ.  

Finally we had a farewell get together at my parents.  El Jefe went cuckoo for my nephew Bert’s pit bull Maple.  Miss Maple is a rescue and proof positive that it is not the breed of dog but the breed of dog owner that is dangerous.  

We’re dropping in on my parents before our next leg but today was a wonderful send off by my sisters, brother in law, and local nieces and nephew. 

No photos today but here is the…

Road Trip Tally 

  • Distance Today: 28.5 mi/45.9 km 
  • Total Distance: 365.6 mi/588.4 km
  • Driving Time: 1:01 today/10:59 total

Gas Stats

  • Gas purchased: 11.033 gal/41.764 L
  • Mileage: 32.94 mpg/14.00 km/L
  • Cost of full-up: $22.94
  • Amount budgeted: $31.85
  • $8.91 UNDER budget through 4 days