Day 05: J•E•L•L•No

Last full day in New York 

On Day 04 El Jefe and I got a haircut before the family shindig.  I wanted to post photos but it was awfully late when I was posting the days entry.  So here you are.  


And after… 

Two sharp looking fellas. 

Today’s trip was going to be a long drive capped with a visit to my brother Santino’s family in Western NY.   On the way Traveler Nell thought it would be nice to stop at the Jell-O Gallery near our destination which has recently opened a few hours on Sundays.  

Then we woke to near white out conditions. It wasn’t that bad the whole day, but there were bands of winter weather every couple dozen miles the whole way. 

Once we had arrived out west, Sonny made a sumptuous  feast of homemade raviolis, smoked brisket, ciabatta, and scallops. Jefe was his usual bold eating self and wolfed down more scallops than I ate in my first 15 years.  He capped his meal with the lovely capped from his Auntie. It was great seeing him with his two older cousins.  

Road Trip Tally 

  • Distance Today: 295.6 mi/475.7 km 
  • Total Distance: 661.2 mi/1,064.1 km
  • Driving Time: 4:45 today/15:44 total

Gas Stats

  • Gas purchased: 10.245 gal/38.781 L
  • Mileage for leg: 28.19 mpg/11.98 km/L
  • Mileage for trip: 31.07 mpg/13.49 km/L
  • Cost of fill-up: $21.61
  • Amount budgeted: $27.45
  • $5.84 UNDER budget for leg
  • $14.75 UNDER budget through 5 days