Day 08: A Welcome Quiet Day


Today was an off day on the Great American Road Trip™.  Traveler Nell had some work to do in the morning and our plans to take a walk on the Notre Dame campus was scotched by inclement weather.

But today was not a write off because we were lucky enough to get together for dinner with some friends from Brooklyn.  The “C’s” moved to Italy back in 2014, right after their lovely daughter was baptized at Queen of All Saints.  We’ve had some near misses with them so it was very good that we got together. Although, Traveler Nell said when we got back to the hotel we should have gotten a photo.

I nearly said we should pack up and go back.

Today’s Bonus:

El Jefe learns to climb.

Climb Every Mountain from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Road Trip Tally

  • Distance Today: 10.1 mi/16.3 km
  • Percentage driven by Traveler Nell: 0%
  • Total Distance: 1,200.7 mi/1,932.3 km
  • Driving Time: 30 today/27:17 total

Gas Stats

  • No gas purchases today

Food Budget $50/day

  • 4/6 expenditures: $21
  • Today UNDER Budget: $29
  • Food expenditures to date: $279.
  • Grand total UNDER budget: $121