Day 13: I have been advised to not mess with Texas

Mississippi – Louisiana – Texas

Today was a day of crazy weather and a long drive that ended up feeling much shorter than it was.  

We were on the road out of Jackson before 10 and was looking forward to our second picnic of the Great American Road Trip™. 

Unfortunately a hard driving rain scotched that idea by mid morning. Had we prepped by stocking up before leaving we could have eaten at the District 5 Rest Stop on Interstate 20 in Louisiana. It was immaculately maintained and had covered picnic tables. 

 The Chief checking out the flora of the Rest Stop

Instead we forged on to Minden Louisiana where we stopped at “Johnny’s Pizza”. A regional chain I have seen over the last couple days. We opted for the lunch buffet which was better than we expected. 

  Hungry Travelers

The back seat crew opted to nap from Minden to the Louisiana-Texas border. As such they missed out on the Vegas-y skyline on Shreveport. We initially planned to spend the night in Shreveport but Traveler Nell suggested we drive until Tyler, Texas so we could dine at a well regarded local BBQ restaurant.  

Which is what brought us to Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-BQ restaurant in Tyler, Texas. 

 Getting Ready for some genuine Texas Hill Country Bar-BQ.  
 It was better than it looked. 

The it was back to the hotel for the night. And hour or so after we had been in a park letting The Chief play off his dinner we were watching a torrential downpour out or hotel window. 

  Traveler Nell lives to post radar images.  

The crazy thing is that Shreveport and Jackson were hit way worse. Roads in Shreveport were under water after 3.5 inches of rain. Luckily Traveler Nell has a knack for scheduling

Road Trip Tally

April 11

  • Distance Today: 343.4 mi/552.6 km
  • Percentage Driven by Traveler Nell: 0.0%
  • Total Distance: 2,560.8 mi/4,121.2 km
  • Driving Time: 6:01 today/49:18 total

Gas Stats

  • Gas purchased: 11.296 gal/42.760 L
  • Gas price: $1.759/gal-$0.464/L 
  • Mileage for leg: 30.50 mpg/12.97 km/L
  • Mileage for trip: 32.27 mpg/13.69 km/L
  • Cost of fill-up: $19.87
  • Amount budgeted: $48.79
  • $28.92 UNDER budget for leg
  • $110.49 UNDER budget for trip 

Food Budget $50/day

  • 4/11 expenditures: $36
  • Today UNDER Budget: $14
  • Food expenditures to date: $634
  • Grand total UNDER budget: $16