Day 18: But Its A Dry Heat

Texas Day 6 – New Mexico – Arizona (Mtn. Std. Time)

El Paso from our hotel

Not as long a day today but another exhausting one for the Travelers Three. We left El Paso relatively late which threw off both The Chief’s nap time and lunch plans. Traveler Nell as always saved the day finding us the El Camino Real restaurant in Deming, NM. It was there I finally got to try a New Mexico hallmark, the green chile cheeseburger.

El Camino Real’s Green Chile Cheeseburger
It was great. And even better was the people who work there. A real treasure we found.
Then it was back to driving. A lot of it. Made bearable by all the sights along the way.

imageFrom a Rest Stop in New Mexico

imageSign Warning of Dust Storms on the Highway in New Mexico

imageWhat You See When You Cross Into Arizona

imageAlmost My Vantage.

imageSigns For “The Thing” Appear 180 Mile East on I-10

imageThe Chief (El Jefe) Has No Time to Model Sombreros

imageI’ll Reveal That “The Thing” houses “Hitler’s Rolls”

imageAbout 20 miles from our exit we were caught up in a traffic jam for nearly 40 minutes. The crash that caused it looked devastating so we prayed for the passengers.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Grand Canyon. Service may be spotty.  I’ll be drafting as a normal but it maybe until we arrive in Las Vegas next Tuesday before they will post.

Road Trip Tally
April 16

  • Distance Today: 330.0 mi/531.1 km
  • Percentage of Day Driven by Traveler Nell: 0.0%
  • Total Distance: 3,838.5 mi/6,177.5 km
  • Percentage of Total Driven by Traveler Nell: 1.53%
  • Driving Time: 6:22 today (40 stopped on I-10 due to a pretty nasty wreck)/74:58 total

Gas Stats

  • Gas purchased: 11.874 gal/44.95 L
  • Gas price: $1.979/gal-$0.522/L
  • Mileage for leg: 29.89 mpg/12.71 km/L
  • Mileage for trip: 31.73 mpg/13.49 km/L
  • Cost of fill-up: $23.50
  • Amount budgeted: $34.45
  • $10.95 UNDER budget for leg
  • $185.59 UNDER budget for trip

Food Budget $50/day

  • Today’s expenditures: $64
  • Today OVER Budget: $14
  • Food expenditures to date: $927
  • Grand total OVER budget: $27

Daily Expenditures (Food/Fuel)
UNDER Budget: