Day 20: Continental (Holiday) Divide

Arizona Day 3

Sunrise from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Sunrise at Bright Angel Lodge

It was a down day today. Traveler Nell and I calculated it was our first day of just relaxing since last autumn. We had breakfast, napped, looked out our window listening to the Beach Boys and Bill Withers on our Bluetooth speaker and just relaxed. It was really nice. Also, knowing that we have a bunch of these over the next three weeks is good to know.
But tomorrow we head to Vegas through Kingman. On Historic Route 66.

Sunset at the Bright Angel Lodge.
Sunset at the Bright Angel Lodge.


Road Trip Tally

April 18

  • No driving today

Gas Stats

  • No gas bought today

Food Budget $50/day

  • Today’s expenditures: $94
  • Today Over Budget: $44
  • Food expenditures to date: $1,043
  • Grand total OVER budget: $43

Daily Expenditures (Food/Fuel)

  • UNDER Budget: $142.59