Day 21: Viva Las Vegas

Arizona Day 4 – Nevada (Pacific Daylight Time)

Today we bid farewell to the Grand Canyon and headed to one of the only places I’d put lower than NYC on my list of places in America I’d want to live.

Las Vegas.

The Last time (the only time) I’ve ever been to either the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas was almost exactly 11 years ago when my oldest friend Tony and I made the journey for a guys weekend. It was a great time. I won over $600 on the slots, had a buffet lunch, had a Grand Canyon day trip, and basically had a great time. We had no idea that two years later cancer would take the healthier by far of the two of us.

Tony preparing to eat an ungodly amount of buffet.
Tony preparing to eat an ungodly amount of buffet.
Two of My Big Winners
Two of My Big Winners
On the road to the Grand Canyon '05
On the road to the Grand Canyon ’05

Heading out early in the morning we stopped at the Hoover Dam. Back then it wasn’t a side trip as the bridge bypassing the dam was not yet open and the trip was at least an hour longer. We opted for the quicker drive today with the Chief in the back seat.

The route to the Grand Canyon as it used to be
The route to the Grand Canyon as it used to be
At Hoover Dam
At Hoover Dam in 2005

On our way back from the Grand Canyon in ’05 Tony and I stopped in Kingman, Arizona to eat dinner. Mind you it was almost 10:00 PM. The people of Dambar & Steakhouse sat us for a steak dinner even though they were closing moments later. This time we stopped at the Dambar for lunch today and I had the same meal I had back in 2005.

Dambar & Steakhouse, Kingman, Arizona
Dambar & Steakhouse, Kingman, Arizona

I often wonder what Tony would think of how my life has turned out and where he would be.  I’m sure he would love Traveler Nell and the Chief and am convinced he would be the first friend to visit us in Australia.

Road Trip Tally

April 19

  • Distance Today: 285.0 mi/458.7 km
  • Percentage of Day Driven by Traveler Nell: 0.0%
  • Total Distance: 4,486.6 mi/7,220.5 km
  • Percentage of Total Driven by Traveler Nell: 1.31%
  • Driving Time: 5:34 today/87:00 total

Gas Stats

  • Gas purchased: 15.960 gal/60.42 L
  • Gas price: $2.459/gal-$0.605/L
  • Mileage for leg: 33.87 mpg/14.40 km/L
  • Mileage for trip: 31.98 mpg/13.60 km/L
  • Cost of fill-up: $39.25
  • Amount budgeted: $34.45
  • $10.95 UNDER budget for leg
  • $185.59 UNDER budget for trip

Food Budget $50/day

  • Today’s expenditures: $70
  • Today OVER Budget: $20
  • Food expenditures to date: $1,113
  • Grand total OVER budget: $63

Daily Expenditures (Food/Fuel)

  • UNDER Budget: $150.31