Around BK: TWC and the Rifi Gallery

Last weekend I was pressed into service to return Traveler Nell’s cable converter. Opting for the 5th Ave Brooklyn location I had a delightful time. As I hustled my way back to the R train the Rifi Gallery caught my eye.

I was not in any real hurry other than to get back to Traveler Nell so I stuck my head in the door. I don’t know why I bothered but what did I see the moment I looked in?

A wooden kangaroo! (I doubt it was Huon Pine but it was definitely wood.)

I’d say it was about 4 and a half feet tall (a little shy of 1.5 meters) and appeared to be carved out of a single piece of lumber. I looked for a price but could not find one and didn’t want to ask and give false hope to the lonely salesman. Based on the listed prices I could see I’d say it was at least $1,000 (AUD950).

Around BK: First Friday Holy Hour

For the past couple of years I have been more and more active in the Church. Now when I say “Church” I mean Roman Catholic Church. We have been extremely fortunate to live in a parish that is vibrant and has a first rate pastor, Fr. Joe. In addition to being on a couple informal committees we are both lay ministers

Traveler Nell has been an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and I have been a Lector for about a year now. Additionally, not long ago I found out that I had been nominated for, and accepted, a term on the Parish Pastoral Council. We haven’t had a meeting yet but I look forward to serving Queen of All Saints Church as it celbrates the Centennial of our beautiful church.

So this past October began the “Year of Faith” declared by Pope Benedict XVI. At the start Traveler Nell told me I should make a YoF commitment, so I decided I would make every effort to attend First Fridayservices that were the initiative of the parish’s Young Adult Group. I have to tell you, they do a great job putting this together. Today as I arrived Alex asked if I would serve as Lector for the service. Of course I said yes. I think I do better when I have a cold read and tonight was no exception.
20130104-223704.jpgThe Days Reading
20130104-223731.jpgThe Censer after mass.

After the mass we have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and then Benediction. During the Adoration I like to read about the saints. I think it is appropriate in a building dedicated to the Queen of them All. This Saint-a-Day book was purchased at the Catholic Truth Society in London, England.

(Note the kookaburra bookmark- Courtesy Frank & Sandra Cleary. Thanks!)