Double Decker Twice as Nice

Last year Traveler Nell and I took a Grand European Tour, visiting some of the great Capitals of the continent. You can read all about is in her excellent blog at

I am posting a couple videos I took while there. This one is from when we rode around while in our last stop, London.

Double Decker Ride thru London from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Traveler Bill presents Star Wars

Last week I published a post on the Secret Santa at Traveler Bill Industries. In this post I included a short film of me putting together a LEGO Hobbit set.

I really enjoyed this and decided to try it again, but this time take it to the next level.

Therefore, please allow me to present Traveler Bill’s LEGO Star Wars.

Stick it out, I think you will enjoy the payoff.

LEGO Star Wars from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.