Joey’s List: Flapjacks with Mumma and Dad

If you’ve been reading this blog you’re probably aware that Jenelle and I have made list of foods and experiences that we want to share with our daughter Josephine Martha in the brief window of opportunity we will have with her.  Turns out I actually missed one of them in my original post…and it is just about my favorite breakfast food…

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Joey’s List: A Lifetime of Experiences Before Birth

Since we are expecting to have mere moments with our Joey, Jenelle and I have decided to try and provide her with as many of our favorite foods and experiences as we can. The only difference now is that instead of the lifetime we though we’d have to share them as a family, they will be carried out prenatally.

So far we have a list of 56 foods and experiences and have completed 17. Granted a couple of these were deemed as completed retroactively. There simply was no way for us to know that when we headed to Pittsfield this year for the 4th of July parade, or when we went to Waterford for the fireworks, that these would be Joey’s one and only. Unfortunately this means that there are some events that she will simply miss; like watching the Winter Olympics or attending the awesome and solemn ANZAC Day Dawn Services.

Below is a list of the foods and experiences we have completed so far.

Egg and Bacon Sandwich – A breakfast specialty of Joey’s Nanna Sandra.
Hot Milo and Vegemite on toast – A favorite of Joey’s mumma.
Joey’s Auntie Eileen made her a special Cake
Box Orange Cake – a favorite of Joey’s mum.
Chop Suey a la Australian
4th of July Fireworks Waterford, NY
4th of July Parade Pittsfield, MA
We attended a Paul Kelly Concert – Australia’s Greatest Living Songwriter
Joey saw Collingwood thrash Essendon

Beef Milano – Made by her Nanna during her visit over Easter.
Cornish Pasty – Inexpertly made by Joey’s poppa.
Home-made bread – Expertly made by her poppa
Tabouli – A specialty of her mumma
Yorkshire Pudding – A specialty of her Nanny
Beetroot, Cheese Vegemite on Saos – A curious delicacy of her mumma
Oops (Aussie Spaghetti O’s)

Over the course of the coming weeks and months we’ll be completing more of the list and undoubtedly adding to it as well.  ( I actually added two items while I composed this post.)

I’m hoping this helps me deal with what is happening to our Joey.

I Have Good News (and Bittersweet News) -or- How I Became A Dad

There is one place I never thought Traveler Bill would ever go. That place is Parenthood.

First, lets take a step back. I set up this page on June 20th as a place where I could document (probably in fits and starts if my history is anything) our baby’s progress and achievements. I never thought I would be a father, a dad, but here we are, in my 44th year and I’m looking forward to my first child being born.

What a difference a month makes.

I joined Jenelle for the 12 week ultrasound at Weill Cornell Medical Center on Monday the 29th of July. We were finally looking to broadcast our news. I actually had gotten into trouble on Sunday because I had posted a link to some “Be A Better Dad” site on Facebook. Jenelle had me delete it as she still hadn’t told a bunch of people in Australia. Thank goodness she had.

Jenelle didn’t see anything strange with the ultrasound. The heart was visible and beating like a champ, I thought I saw something odd with the head but what do I know. The tech excused herself and came back with a doctor…and bad news.

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Hanging Around II: For the Birds. #blogjune

Previously I posted about the Hudson River Illustrations that my in-laws gifted me this Spring. Today it’s all about the birds.

Every time I have visited Australia I have marveled at the wildlife, particularly the birds.  Having been raised in Upstate NY in the 80’s the most exotic bird we encountered in our backyard was a cardinal or bluejay.  But in ordinary locations I’d see the most marvelous birds.

My in-laws noticed my fascination and sent me a set of Jeremy Boot illustrated cards.  They just sat around until we found ourselves with an extra Ikea frame that fit three of the four cards.  (Sorry Cockatoos!)






Feelin’ Vine. #blogjune

If you havent already heard of Vine, it is a new-ish Social Media App for the iPhone and other smart phones. I think it is a blast. For some reason I am unable to embed the very first vine I ever posted of a fountain in Papal Basilica Saint Paul Outside the Wall.

But they are now embeddable.  Here are two I made this weekend at the Far Rockaways/Breezy Point Irish Fest.

Hanging Around: Inside Two Travelers Plaza #blogjune

A couple months ago my terrific In-Laws picked up this nifty vintage Hudson Valley commemorative “post-card” from the Brooklyn Flea around the corner.



The illustrations inside were pleading to be framed.  The problem was that the pictures were 3½ X 5½, a little small for a decent frame.  Traveler Nell, undaunted, found a discount framer right here in Brooklyn that made a custom frame…for $16!  Art to Frames received the order and we had the frame in less than a week.

Here it is on the wall


And here are the specific illustrations in detail.  The Rip Van Winkle Bridge 20130603-202410.jpg


The Mid-Hudson Bridge


The GWB.  When I moved to NYC 15 years ago this month I made a promise to my friend Mike who helped me move down here that I would never refer to the George Washington Bridge as the “Gee Double-yew Bee.”  Sorry Mike.20130603-202331.jpg




Yes, I am participating in #blogjune

Whatever that means! Traveler Nell has suggested I join her in the annual June Blog Challenge. At least I think it’s annual.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d start the month with some photos of some things I received to end May.

Yesterday at work I was greeted by a pair of packages.  One was a birthday present from my in-laws in Australia.  Inside was a pair of lambs wool slippers.  Cool in the summer and warm in the winter these babies are incredibly comfortable 365 days a year.


Black Australian Sheepskin Slippers

Additionally I received a package from  Inside was a pair of glasses I ordered last week.  Now less than two months ago I bought two pairs of glasses from Warby Parker.  I’ll save that story for another day.  The only reason I got another pair is because while I was playing Turbo Racing League on my iPhone and I received an offer for a free a pair of glasses.  I was skeptical but wanted extra “tomatoes”, the currency of the game, so I clicked on the offer.

Turns out it wasn’t a scam.  In fact I found the frame I had been looking for since 1993.  It was back then that my buddies and I saw Falling Down with Michael Douglas.  In this film he was wearing these glasses.


Michael Douglas in Falling Down

So when I saw the measurements on the these glasses I knew my search was over.


Coastal Derek Cardigan 7011 Tortoise Shell

All told, I was only charged $9.95 for the shipping. (Plus a little extra for the clip on shades.)

20130601-180957.jpg Derek Cardigan 7011 w/Clip-on Sunglasses

It’s only been one day, but I am confident I have found my favorite glasses ever.

My Ties with Lunch: On Tie-atus

I like neckties and I try to wear one every day. Lets see if I can make a swing through my entire collection.

Well I did.  There might be a tie or two that I havent worn yet, but for the most part I have gone through my all my ties.  Funny, I thought it would be more than this.

When I get more ties, or if I wear a different knot, I will make anothjer post, but for the tie-me being, I’ll be taking a break from My Ties with Lunch.


Le Mie Cravatte con Pranzo: 18 Feb 13


I like neckties and I try to wear one every day. Lets see if I can make a swing through my entire collection.

Flying home from Rome I wanted to catch the spirit of the the gentleman we saw on Isola Tiberina who was walking around in his pajamas and slippers in a robe complemented with an Ascot smoking a pipe.

KNOT Ascot Classic


Le Mie Cravatte con Pranzo: 17 Feb 13


I like neckties and I try to wear one every day. Lets see if I can make a swing through my entire collection.

Today is out last full day in Rome. We attended mass here at Domus Australia in the Chapel of St Peter Chanel. Yesterday Traveler Nell suggested I offer my Lectoring services but we decided against it in the end.

Well mass had started and I regretted not making the offer. But lo and behold if Fr. Joseph didn’t give me the nod at the appropriate moment and I ended up doing it after all. It was quite the thrill.

Anyway, here is the tie.

STYLE Four in Hand
COLOR Purple
KNOT Windsor