Hanging Around: Inside Two Travelers Plaza #blogjune

A couple months ago my terrific In-Laws picked up this nifty vintage Hudson Valley commemorative “post-card” from the Brooklyn Flea around the corner.



The illustrations inside were pleading to be framed.  The problem was that the pictures were 3½ X 5½, a little small for a decent frame.  Traveler Nell, undaunted, found a discount framer right here in Brooklyn that made a custom frame…for $16!  Art to Frames received the order and we had the frame in less than a week.

Here it is on the wall


And here are the specific illustrations in detail.  The Rip Van Winkle Bridge 20130603-202410.jpg


The Mid-Hudson Bridge


The GWB.  When I moved to NYC 15 years ago this month I made a promise to my friend Mike who helped me move down here that I would never refer to the George Washington Bridge as the “Gee Double-yew Bee.”  Sorry Mike.20130603-202331.jpg




Merry Crest-mas

Leading up to this past Christmas Traveler Nell started trying to lower expectations on a “Family Gift” she had ordered that was above and beyond the $10 limit we had set for our personal gift exchange.  (In fairness I also went over that limit by $30+)

Well our last day at in the Manhattan offices of Traveler Bill Industries before the Christmas break and there was no sign of the “Family Gift” before she left for Two Travelers Plaza.  I had to work late and lucky I did as a call came in from the mail-room saying a package had come in for Traveler Nell and would I like to pick it up for her.  I knew it was the “Family Gift” and I tried to ignore all information but did notice the package had come from Ireland.

I waited until I got home to surprise Traveler Nell with the news that her gift had indeed made it to NYC in time.  We opened it right away and Nell presented me with a set of Cleary and Blevins family crests from Irish Nation.

Today I finally got around to putting them up on the walls.

Here they are on the wall.

Here is the Cleary Family Crest

And the Blevins Family Crest

Here they are from a different perspective.

New York Via Melbourne

New York Via Melbourne. That is the title of Traveler Nell’s Blog. I, on the other hand am a New Yorker via a location MUCH closer. A couple months ago she told me that she read found a website where we could get silkscreen prints of Melbourne, New York AND Albany! The company says that these prints fit nicely into the RIBBA frames.

Here are the prints in their frames.

You will notice the colors of the prints. This was a point of contention at the start of the process. I was in favor of using primary colors for our respective home towns with the corresponding secondary color for our current home town. Nell preferred to use primary colours. In the end I won out.

Now in researching this project Traveler Nell found a blog that described the difficulties in lining them up perfectly. Maybe I am a picture hanging savant, but I found not such difficulties. Here they are individually on the wall.






New York

All I ended up using was a tape measure, a yard stick, a level, a pencil (or as Traveler Nell refers to it, a gray lead!) and a hammer. I think I did a pretty nifty job.


On the wall.

Here they are all lined up using the iPhone panorama function.

My Secret Santa can beat up your Secret Santa

Every year the good folks at Traveler Bill Industries engage in a Secret Santa gift exchange. This is something I take VERY seriously. How seriously you ask? Most people put a list of three items on a Post-It Note™.

This is my most recent submission after the jump… (Trust me, it is worth it.)

I usually ask for Pixar toys, socks (SmartWool™ of course) and a gift card option to give the poor soul that does draw my name a break if they aren’t as fun loving as I am. That said I have always been lucky.
And this year is no exception. I got both my Avengers Hulk Smash Hands…
AND the LEGO Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey: Riddles For The Ring set.
Here is a quick video of the construction.

Traveler Bill’s The Tibboh from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

I can’t wait for NEXT year!


Coming Soon…The New and Improved Traveler Bill-og

Greetings fans of Traveler Bill

Coming soon to this very site will be the new and improved Traveler Bill-og.  Traveler Bill Industries, Ltd. has hired a Director of Information Technology who has promised to revamp the Interweb pressence of Traveler Bill, so check back soon as Traveler Bill sets out on his adventure to review at least 52 restaurants in 2009.

Thanks for bearing with us in 2008.

Traveler Bill