Joey’s List: Home Time With Mumma

I know it has been a while since the last Joey’s List installment but believe me when I say that we have been checking them off .  But this update is about one I didn’t think would be possible.

Joey is in her mother’s homeland of Australia.

On Thursday September 19 Jenelle and I foreshadowed the trip with this Vine we posted on my account.

She left Brooklyn this past Sunday at 4:00 PM and arrived at her home in Melbourne a little before Noon on Tuesday. This is more than 30 hours of travel door to door. But Nellie is a champion long haul traveler; even with Joey wreaking havoc on her tummy.  A bunch of friends in family knew she was coming home but it just wouldn’t be a trip home if there wasn’t a surprise or two. Though not to the level of The 2009 Christmas Miracle.

The Surprise – 3pm Christmas Eve from Jenelle Blevins on Vimeo.

First off, Nellie’s Nan. Unsuspecting that Nellie was going to be there, she just figured they were getting together for Tuesday lunch all together. In fact everyone in Australia was so afraid they were going to tip the surprise they wouldn’t answer the phone when Nan called. Everyone except me. I told a gentle fib to keep her in the dark, saying that Nellie had hit the sack a little early.

A few short hours later, she was being hugged by Nellie as the met for a lunch of en she landed her parents had a variety of comfort foods waiting for her.

Clockwise from the left: Pickled Onion, Fish Fry, Potato Cakes and Dim Sims.
Clockwise from the left: Pickled Onion, Fish Fry, Potato Cakes and Dim Sims.

There were other adventures to be had in Australia.  An AFL Grand Final Party (although we were disappointed it wasn’t watching our beloved ‘Pies battle for the flag), a concert in a club, meeting friends (some by surprise) and getting her hair styled by old friends.


Mumma Working It!

Additionally, this past weekend, Nellie was able to schedule a high quality ultrasound at a local clinic.  It was nice that her parents were able to attend and they got some wonderful photos of our Angel Joey.



Nellie, is making the return flight later this week.  I am counting the minutes until she returns with my Angel.

Hanging Around: Inside Two Travelers Plaza #blogjune

A couple months ago my terrific In-Laws picked up this nifty vintage Hudson Valley commemorative “post-card” from the Brooklyn Flea around the corner.



The illustrations inside were pleading to be framed.  The problem was that the pictures were 3½ X 5½, a little small for a decent frame.  Traveler Nell, undaunted, found a discount framer right here in Brooklyn that made a custom frame…for $16!  Art to Frames received the order and we had the frame in less than a week.

Here it is on the wall


And here are the specific illustrations in detail.  The Rip Van Winkle Bridge 20130603-202410.jpg


The Mid-Hudson Bridge


The GWB.  When I moved to NYC 15 years ago this month I made a promise to my friend Mike who helped me move down here that I would never refer to the George Washington Bridge as the “Gee Double-yew Bee.”  Sorry Mike.20130603-202331.jpg




Why My Wife is the Best: Example 93 & 94

Surprises abound at my desk at Traveler Bill Industries. Presents from Traveler Nell.

A recipe divider refrigerator magnet…

And a 2 quart measuring cup!


I am a lucky man.

An Apple a Day…

PC’s have been my computer since my first home personal computer in 1999. Then I met Traveler Nell. Since them I have gone from a generic .mp3 player to an iPod. From Treo’s and Blackberrys to iPhone4s and 5s. And now from PC to Macs.

Let me back up a bit. About three years ago I replaced my desktop computer with a reasonably priced HP laptop from PC Richards and Sons on 23rd Street in NYC. It has performed adequately since then although it has to be tethered to a cord due to a documented battery issue with the model I have, thereby negating the portability aspect of the laptop. But lately it has been sluggish and I am certain it is not long for this world. Rather than buy me a new computer, as explained in Traveler Nell’s blog last night, I would be taking her year-old MacBook and she would upgrade slightly as she uses her computer far more than I use mine.

I wasn’t expecting a seamless transition, but it wasn’t supposed to go like this. I get Nellie’s new MacBookPro home (I am taking her immaculately cared for 2011 model) and Nellie noticed something right away. See if you can catch it in the video below.

Apple Exchange from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

In the greater scheme of things this is not a tragedy. We are still going to get a nifty piece of upgraded aluminum (or aluminium for those inclined toward the British spelling of words) that will be Streets Ahead of the pc (which now means Piece of Crap) I currently use.

Nellie Loves Drama: NYPD Edition

Nobody, and I mean nobody loves “Drama” more than my beloved Traveler Nell. And by drama I mean something that involved Flashing Lights and the occasional Siren. I mentioned this in my post from last week Fire Truck Drama. Typically though it presents itself either when we are not together, or it is out of our way. (And when I say our I really mean my. Nellie would walk well out of her way to see what was going on when flashing lights are involved.)

So how did fortune favor us as we were walking to the subway together last Monday, as we turned the corner at West Street and Rector Street, but a NYPC squad car, lights ablaze, behind a car. And not just any car, but a Bentley.

Now When I started this post I knew that Bentleys were luxury vehicles. What I was not prepared for what that the car we saw getting a ticket was worth between $296,000 and $350,000. That said, according to, in the NYC area that model goes from $289,000 up to $377,000!!!

NYPD Drama from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Note: You will hear me talking in the video, but not Traveler Nell. Fortunately I COULD hear her. That is how I avoided the dog dirt on the sidewalk. Listen for me to exclaim “Poos!” and you will know precisely when that occurred.

Fire Truck Drama

There are few things that Traveler Nell likes more than emergency vehicles in action, so when I saw this scene at the intersection of Greenwich And Rector I knew right away this was something that She would have hated missing.

Video after the jump!

Fire Drama from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

It was only a couple weeks ago that we had a brief blackout at Two Travelers Plaza. I missed the entire occurrence as I worked late at the Travelers Mine but when I returned home I saw this scene.

Blackout Drama from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

New York Via Melbourne

New York Via Melbourne. That is the title of Traveler Nell’s Blog. I, on the other hand am a New Yorker via a location MUCH closer. A couple months ago she told me that she read found a website where we could get silkscreen prints of Melbourne, New York AND Albany! The company says that these prints fit nicely into the RIBBA frames.

Here are the prints in their frames.

You will notice the colors of the prints. This was a point of contention at the start of the process. I was in favor of using primary colors for our respective home towns with the corresponding secondary color for our current home town. Nell preferred to use primary colours. In the end I won out.

Now in researching this project Traveler Nell found a blog that described the difficulties in lining them up perfectly. Maybe I am a picture hanging savant, but I found not such difficulties. Here they are individually on the wall.






New York

All I ended up using was a tape measure, a yard stick, a level, a pencil (or as Traveler Nell refers to it, a gray lead!) and a hammer. I think I did a pretty nifty job.


On the wall.

Here they are all lined up using the iPhone panorama function.
20130105-183817.jpg Blog Post: Behind The Scenes

Yesterday Traveler Nell published a New Years Greeting on, her personal blog.

Included in her post was a photo of us before we headed out to Queen of All Saints for the Solemnity of Mary: Mother of God services.


Here are some of the out-takes from the “photo-shoot.”


I’m a little smilier in this photo, Traveler Nell a little less so.


A little too low on the horizon.


Nellie wanted to even out our heights. I think I over corrected.


Nellie is getting annoyed at this point


I think I recovered nicely.


Unless I am given a family decree, I expect we’ll see another one of these break-downs again in the future.

Grand European Tour: Day 02 – Ruins, Religion and Restaurants PART III

Good news everyone, I have again acquired access to upload photos. So let us resume where we left off.

Below is a candid of Traveler Nell exhibiting her odd fascination with ticket machines.


We headed across town to see the Galleria Borghese.

The bus only took us so far.

Someone lost Patience with Fortitude.

A nice place to sit with you sweetie.

The museum.


I still snuck a couple in anyway.

It was getting late so walking back to Domus we stopped for a bite to eat. The restaurant we planned to dine in was full up so instead we headed to a place down the street.

I had a prefixe meal of spaghetti and a steak.

It was beautiful, with a hint of bacon in the sauce.

The lemon really added to the flavor and created a kind of sauce to be sopped up.

Nell had the caprese and gave me her olives.

And gnocchi of course.

For dessert I had the tiramisu and a shot of espresso.

on the walk to the hotel we came across a rather pathetic junk shop.

In addition to the puzzles there was what appeared to be a dead parakeet.

Day III ends. Tomorrow…mass with a BIG WIG. Maybe the biggest.

Grand European Tour: Day 02 – Ruins, Religion and Restaurants PART II

Blogsy was a little “pitchy” yesterday. Hopefully tonight the photos will upload seemlessly.

When last I wrote we were on our way to St. John Lateran’s Archbasilica. But visiting Rome is hungry work so once we arrived we stopped to eat at the nearest pizzeria, which turned out to be “King SNCC Di Ahmed H. & C.”; so real authentic. But Mark Bittman recently said in the NYTimes tha tRome abounds with good pizza so we gave it a try.

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