New York Via Melbourne

New York Via Melbourne. That is the title of Traveler Nell’s Blog. I, on the other hand am a New Yorker via a location MUCH closer. A couple months ago she told me that she read found a website where we could get silkscreen prints of Melbourne, New York AND Albany! The company says that these prints fit nicely into the RIBBA frames.

Here are the prints in their frames.

You will notice the colors of the prints. This was a point of contention at the start of the process. I was in favor of using primary colors for our respective home towns with the corresponding secondary color for our current home town. Nell preferred to use primary colours. In the end I won out.

Now in researching this project Traveler Nell found a blog that described the difficulties in lining them up perfectly. Maybe I am a picture hanging savant, but I found not such difficulties. Here they are individually on the wall.






New York

All I ended up using was a tape measure, a yard stick, a level, a pencil (or as Traveler Nell refers to it, a gray lead!) and a hammer. I think I did a pretty nifty job.


On the wall.

Here they are all lined up using the iPhone panorama function.