Hanging Around II: For the Birds. #blogjune

Previously I posted about the Hudson River Illustrations that my in-laws gifted me this Spring. Today it’s all about the birds.

Every time I have visited Australia I have marveled at the wildlife, particularly the birds.  Having been raised in Upstate NY in the 80’s the most exotic bird we encountered in our backyard was a cardinal or bluejay.  But in ordinary locations I’d see the most marvelous birds.

My in-laws noticed my fascination and sent me a set of Jeremy Boot illustrated cards.  They just sat around until we found ourselves with an extra Ikea frame that fit three of the four cards.  (Sorry Cockatoos!)






Feelin’ Vine. #blogjune

If you havent already heard of Vine, it is a new-ish Social Media App for the iPhone and other smart phones. I think it is a blast. For some reason I am unable to embed the very first vine I ever posted of a fountain in Papal Basilica Saint Paul Outside the Wall.

But they are now embeddable.  Here are two I made this weekend at the Far Rockaways/Breezy Point Irish Fest.

My Ties with Lunch: Feb. 3, 2013

I like neckties and I try to wear one every day. Lets see if I can make a swing through my entire collection.

STYLE Four in Hand
COLOR Gray with Black and Red elements
KNOT I’m sure there is a name for it. A demonstration video is attached below.
DESIGNER Unknown. Vintage tie.
FABRIC Unknown, probably silk. Maybe polyester




Mystery Knot from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Buddy Rich’s Ghost Got a Two Day Pass From Hell

Several times in the past week Traveler Nell and I have been woken up by the radiators at Two Travelers Plaza.  I caught the sounds we heard on a couple occasions.


The Ghost of Buddy Rich II from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

For those who do not know, Buddy Rich was a big band drummer. When I was in fifth or sixth grade he came to our school. (I don’t remember which year exactly, I do know that Doc Sevrinson came the other year. Apparently though, he was a bit of a grump.

So famous a grump in fact that Jerry Seinfeld immortalized it on his show.

WABAC Wednesday: Howe Caverns

Sherman, set the WABAC Machine to the early 1990’s at Schoharie County in Upstate New York. Today we are going to visit Howe Caverns.

Howe’s Cavern from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Sweet Rome, Italia: Parte Finale

Last year Traveler Nell and I visited Europe starting in Rome. Before we had even left Lazio we had agreed that we had to return someday to the Eternal City. And so we are…only ten months later. Leading up to our return trip I am posting some of the things I love about Rome.

Numero seis: Città del Vaticano

I don’t think I could do St. Peter’s justice trying to describe it, so I put this together.

Vatican City from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Double Decker Twice as Nice

Last year Traveler Nell and I took a Grand European Tour, visiting some of the great Capitals of the continent. You can read all about is in her excellent blog at Jenelle.net.

I am posting a couple videos I took while there. This one is from when we rode around while in our last stop, London.

Double Decker Ride thru London from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

An Apple a Day…

PC’s have been my computer since my first home personal computer in 1999. Then I met Traveler Nell. Since them I have gone from a generic .mp3 player to an iPod. From Treo’s and Blackberrys to iPhone4s and 5s. And now from PC to Macs.

Let me back up a bit. About three years ago I replaced my desktop computer with a reasonably priced HP laptop from PC Richards and Sons on 23rd Street in NYC. It has performed adequately since then although it has to be tethered to a cord due to a documented battery issue with the model I have, thereby negating the portability aspect of the laptop. But lately it has been sluggish and I am certain it is not long for this world. Rather than buy me a new computer, as explained in Traveler Nell’s blog last night, I would be taking her year-old MacBook and she would upgrade slightly as she uses her computer far more than I use mine.

I wasn’t expecting a seamless transition, but it wasn’t supposed to go like this. I get Nellie’s new MacBookPro home (I am taking her immaculately cared for 2011 model) and Nellie noticed something right away. See if you can catch it in the video below.

Apple Exchange from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

In the greater scheme of things this is not a tragedy. We are still going to get a nifty piece of upgraded aluminum (or aluminium for those inclined toward the British spelling of words) that will be Streets Ahead of the pc (which now means Piece of Crap) I currently use.

WABAC Wednesday: The G Train Conductor

Sherman, set the WABAC Machine to February 2011 in Fulton Street in Brooklyn. Today we are going to learn about the how to be a great conductor for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

There was a time when Traveler Nell and I would ride public transportation as a lark. Imagine us…with the regular Joes that commute via subway.

Well, back in those days we would occasionally get the Crosstown G train in Brooklyn. It was on this train that we would encounter the Best Conductor in the MTA.

Here is a taste of what we would hear every now and then.

Nellie Loves Drama: NYPD Edition

Nobody, and I mean nobody loves “Drama” more than my beloved Traveler Nell. And by drama I mean something that involved Flashing Lights and the occasional Siren. I mentioned this in my post from last week Fire Truck Drama. Typically though it presents itself either when we are not together, or it is out of our way. (And when I say our I really mean my. Nellie would walk well out of her way to see what was going on when flashing lights are involved.)

So how did fortune favor us as we were walking to the subway together last Monday, as we turned the corner at West Street and Rector Street, but a NYPC squad car, lights ablaze, behind a car. And not just any car, but a Bentley.

Now When I started this post I knew that Bentleys were luxury vehicles. What I was not prepared for what that the car we saw getting a ticket was worth between $296,000 and $350,000. That said, according to Cars.com, in the NYC area that model goes from $289,000 up to $377,000!!!

NYPD Drama from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

Note: You will hear me talking in the video, but not Traveler Nell. Fortunately I COULD hear her. That is how I avoided the dog dirt on the sidewalk. Listen for me to exclaim “Poos!” and you will know precisely when that occurred.