WABAC Whensday- On Broadway

Sherman, set the WABAC Machine to May 2004 in New York City. Today we are going to revisit one of Traveler Bills greatest projects…his walk On Broadway.

It was Memorial Day weekend in 2004. The Saturday was my birthday, I decided that the way I wanted to celebrate was to complete a long planned project to walk down Broadway and to photograph myself all the way down. To give you an idea how long ago it was, the original plan was to make a flip-book of the journey.

The original version of “On Broadway” had a song that I have no rights whatsoever to use. For this version I went to the FreeMusicArchive.org and downloaded Blue Bossa by Jazz at Mladost


Traveler Bill On Broadway – Again! from Traveler Bill on Vimeo.

WABAC Wednesday: The G Train Conductor

Sherman, set the WABAC Machine to February 2011 in Fulton Street in Brooklyn. Today we are going to learn about the how to be a great conductor for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

There was a time when Traveler Nell and I would ride public transportation as a lark. Imagine us…with the regular Joes that commute via subway.

Well, back in those days we would occasionally get the Crosstown G train in Brooklyn. It was on this train that we would encounter the Best Conductor in the MTA.

Here is a taste of what we would hear every now and then.