The Tale of Traveler Bill

The origins of Traveler Bill date back to the summer of 2000.  Vacation time was needed to be taken but funds for a trip were not available.  What I could afford was City Pass for NYC and a hat. One week later “Traveler Bill” was born.

From that humble video came Traveler Bill Industries. Over the years I have traveled by myself to Miami and France. With various friends to Las Vegas and Kansas City. But in 2007 I met Traveler Nell.

A whirlwind that never stopped spinning our life together has been hallmarked by a globetrotting lifestyle. We have been all over the USA. To the state fairs of Minnesota and Iowa. By sleeper car train to New Orleans and Chicago. We have been to Europe several time visiting Ireland, England, France, and Italy (particular favorite, we have visited there three time, loving it more each time.)

But the longest trips have always been reserved for Australia. Traveler Nell’s homeland, we visited there three times by 2015. And while we always planned on eventually moving there, we always expected it would be a move for retirement.  It was the birth of our son, “El Jefe” as well as the decline of the Middle Class in NYC, that cemented our decision get out of New York City.

Traveler Bill of Country VictoriaThis blog will tell the story of an All-American boy from Upstate New York.  Who up and moved halfway ’round the world to raise his family on a small family farm in Country Victoria.